Myrtle came into Cleveland Animal Care & Control as a stray. She had the best personality, and got along great with other dogs in the play groups, she was then approved for the City Dogs Adoption program at Animal Control!

Unfortunately, Myrtle was diagnosed with heartworm disease and also had mammary tumors that needed removed. Myrtle was placed into a foster home via the City Dogs Foster program.

Thanks to Friends of the Cleveland Kennel, all of Myrtle’s medical needs were taken care of, in order to take the next step in finding her forever home. She was treated for heartworm disease, and later was spayed and had her mammary tumors removed. She is recovering beautifully and is currently up for aodption! You can read more about adopting Myrtle here.

Thanks to your support we can continue to save dogs like Myrtle, by providing them with the necessary medical care they need. Your donation helps to give them the second chance they deserve!

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