Craig has had his loyal companion, Sampson, since the day he was born 6 years ago. Craig is a US Veteran of the Air Force. He struggles with various health issues, and lives on a very fixed income. His dog Sampson is his best friend in the whole world.

Craig came to Neighborhood Pets for help when Sampson started limping on his front left paw. He was unable to afford a trip to the regular vet clinic, so we helped him out by funding this visit and exam at the full service vet clinic.  Sadly, the diagnosis was that Sampson has a malignant melanoma tumor on his foot. Surgery is absolutely necessary in order for Sampson to live out the rest of his lifetime.

Many pet owners struggle by living in poverty each day. Currently, 137,585 people in Cleveland live in poverty. For a single parent with two kids, their annual household income was below $20,090. The percentage of Cleveland residents living in or near poverty is 61.3%.  The percentage of individuals living BELOW poverty is 36.2%.

Sometimes situations come up when they simply can’t afford the basic vet care necessary for their pet’s well being. We believe in helping to keep families together. Your support today will help dogs like Sampson, and his owner Craig spend the rest of their lives together.

Thanks to your support we can continue to keep families like Craig and Sampsons together, by providing them with the necessary medical care they need. Your donation helps to make that possible!

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