Our Mission

Founded in 2003, Friends of the Cleveland Kennel (F.O.C.K.) is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to provide the necessary medical and general care to the dogs and cats in need at Cleveland Animal Care & Control (CACC), while working to reduce intake numbers and save lives by providing affordable resources and education to Cleveland residents.

Cleveland Animal Care & Control is a high volume animal control facility that receives an average of over 75 dogs a week. Cleveland Animal Control works with local shelters and rescues to transfer dogs out to their programs, while many of the dogs are part of the current adoption program at the kennel, as well. Our organization is committed to providing all the animals that arrive at the kennel with necessary medical care, food, enrichment, and supplies to improve and even save their lives.

Our Organization Funds…

  • Emergency Vet care expenses for dogs & cats, prior to leaving for another shelter/rescue organization or placed up for adoption at the Kennel. This includes: Pyometra surgeries, ACL repair, amputations, mange treatment, boarding fees, etc.
  • Animal care supplies, including but not limited to: Flea treatment, heartworm preventative, dewormer, medications as needed.
  • Enrichment: Installation of 4 dog Play Yards, additional outdoor runs, enrichment toys and treats.
  • Comfort & Care: Kuranda Beds, canned food, dry food as needed.
  • City Dogs Volunteer & Adoption programs: Slip leads, apparel, collars, leashes, training harnesses, adoption event supplies
  • Adoption Ambassador/Foster Program: All continued vetting needs, supplies for foster homes.
  • Plankton Fund: All rescue groups that take a heartworm positive dog will receive $500 towards heartworm treatment
  • Spay & Neuter for Adoptable animals: Spay & Neuter costs for adoptable animals at Animal Control
  • Neighborhood Pets Outreach & Resource Center Program: Program designed to provide affordable and accessible basic wellness care for low income pet owners in Cleveland.  Read more here