*We value the importance of continued education to make sure we are applying the latest trends and techniques in the world of animal advocacy.

With the help of the ASPCA Scholarship fund, we were able to send our Executive Director to the HSUS Expo in May of 2017.
Continued education is a core value of our organization, and helps us to continue to do such impactful work for animals in Cleveland, Ohio.

Additionally, thanks to our membership with Community Shares organization, our executive director, board member and volunteer coordinator were provided with a poverty immersion experience called COPE, the cost of poverty experience provided by Think Tank Inc.

Thanks to our supporters for providing our team with the enrichment and resources needed to continue our amazing work for Cleveland animals in need.

Our Partners and Supporters

Our programming is only enriched by our partnerships with other organizations.
Thanks to the following organizations for their continued support:
Banfield Foundation
Badges for Bullies
Community Shares
Dogs Playing for Life
Kenneth Scott Charitable Trust
Maddie’s Fund
Petfix Northeast Ohio
Petfinder Foundation
Red Rover Foundation
Valley Save a Pet