Baxter was the saddest looking boy when he arrived at Cleveland Animal Care and Control over the summer. He was emaciated, congested, had a runny/bloody nose and he was coughing. He was scooped up by the City Dogs Adoption Ambassador program and was taken home by two volunteers so that he could get the medical attention (funded by Friends of the Cleveland Kennel) he needed to start feeling better. Before going home with his fosters, he went to the clinic to get checked out, with the thought that he had a particularly bad case of kennel cough. That brief visit turned into a 4-day stay at the vet for Baxter, and when he finally was able to go home with them, he was on 3 different medications.

Unfortunately, that would not be enough. Every other week his fosters were back at the clinic with another concern. After about 2 months of medications, a special diet and many vet visits, it was determined Baxter was ready and healthy for adoption. He was putting weight on and looking and acting like a puppy should.  A wonderful family who had been following him since he was originally posted for adoption, and who were keeping in touch with his foster throughout his ordeal, were so excited to finally be able to adopt him.

Baxter’s foster mom kept in contact with his mom and everything was going well, until one afternoon she received a call from the adopter that she will never forget. Baxter was sick, lethargic, not eating, and burning up with fever. She was at her wits end and her veterinarian was concerned too. As a last resort, she called his foster mom asking if the shelter would take him back so he could get treatment. She had already spent hundreds of dollars on treatments, to no avail. Baxter was not responding and he kept getting sicker. Baxter’s mom had to relinquish him back to the shelter in order for him to get treatment. She was devastated, but she feared if she didn’t do this, he would die.

Baxter was rushed to the vet clinic by his former foster parents. His fever was not responding to treatment at the clinic. Although it came down, it kept spiking. He was then was taken to Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Akron. After about 2 days, Baxter still was not bouncing back.  He wasn’t eating, he was lethargic and the fever was back.  It spiked to 105.7.  Baxter was very sick, but being the fighter he was, he pulled through, and after 6 more days, his fosters were able to take him home. Baxter was put on a heavy dose of 2 different antibiotics with vet visits scheduled every 2 weeks to review his progress. Baxter’s vet was convinced that he had contracted some kind of tick-borne disease, and although his blood results and tests didn’t conclusively determine it, he was responding very well to the medications. She believed that possibly he was never on an antibiotic long enough to get rid of whatever infection he had contracted. Either way, he was back to his loving, playful, silly, eating-machine self!

Baxter’s adoptive mom kept in constant contact with his fosters during the ordeal. His fosters are  happy to report that he is back with his family, where he is very loved and very spoiled. Baxter recently had his follow-up visit at Metro and his mom is ecstatic to say that Baxter’s doctor took him off all of his medications! She was pleased with the progress he was making – everyone is hoping that Baxter is finally back to good health.

Everyone that meets Baxter agrees he’s here for a reason, and when you meet him, you can see why. He’s resilient and an all-around happy guy. Even when he was admitted into the hospital with a 105.7 fever, he walked in with his tail wagging. The hospital staff all fell in love with him. He makes friends wherever he goes and there is no one, human nor animal, that he does not like. He does not have a mean bone in his cute, compact, little body. His heart is as big as his head.

Baxter’s fosters and his adoptive family will forever be grateful to the staff at the Cleveland Kennel and especially FOCK for saving him.  We never hesitated getting him the care he needed to get well, no matter the cost.

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