City Dogs Cleveland

City Dogs Adoption Program, Saving More Lives of Dogs in Need


Just under half of the dogs that enter Cleveland Animal Control are bully breeds. Many of the dogs that can’t be transferred to other partner shelters or rescues are pit bull type dogs, due to lack of space in their adoption programs. Local resources and rescues/shelters are limited, which leads to many of these great dogs not getting a second chance at life.

Luckily, in the past few years we can confidently say those days are over! Thanks to the dedicated volunteers who worked countless hours to make this possible, as well as the animal control staff dedicated to saving these dogs’ lives, hundreds of bully breed dogs are adopted each year from Cleveland Animal Control. In order to increase these numbers, and help more dogs….we realized the next step was creating a more visible and accessible adoption program for these dogs.

CITY DOGS Cleveland is a program of The City of Cleveland’s Division of Animal Care and Control, and supported by Friends of the Cleveland Kennel. The CITY DOGS mission is to increase adoptions from the City Kennel by changing the image of the pit bulls who make up the majority of the kennel population, by preparing all adoptable dogs in the kennel for lives in loving homes and by creating as many opportunities as possible for the public to meet and get to know our dogs for the terrific pets they are meant to be.

Most recently, Friends of the Cleveland Kennel received a grant from the Kenneth Scott Foundation to obtain a City Dogs Mobile Adoption Van (pictured below). This will surely help to increase visibility of these dogs, and help more dogs get to their forever homes!

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