Last November, Neighborhood Pets Program began its free (or $20 suggested donation) Spay-Neuter program in partnership with Petfix Northeast Ohio, funded by the Kenneth A Scott Charitable Trust. This program was available for free for zip codes 44127 and 44105, and $20 for other owners living in Cleveland zip codes in need of assistance.

In just a little over a year’s time, 535 companion animals belonging to low income Cleveland residents were spayed/neutered (303 felines, 232 canines!)

Many of our clients are uncomfortable with the idea of fixing their pets, being that it is an unknown concept to them. Many don’t know of the medical or behavioral benefits, and they are afraid for anything to happen to their beloved pets while in surgery.

Because of our strong emphasis on relationships and trust building at our Outreach/Resource Center, many of our clients have learned the benefits and are happy to sign their pets up to be fixed.

We have also found that many clients can’t afford “low-cost spay/neuter clinic” prices, which is why we have a free program, or reduced rate of $20 for those who can contribute. Neighborhood Pets plans on expanding this important program in 2018, and successfully fixing many more companion animals living in Cleveland. Thanks to your support, we can continue this very important work! Read more:

Donations can be made via Paypal on our website, or by sending a check
payable to “Friends of the Cleveland Kennel” to:  PO Box 770423, Lakewood OH 44107
*Please reference “12 Days of Christmas” on your donation.