Lorenzo recently came to the Neighborhood Pets Outreach & Resource Center because he was concerned that his dog was underweight, and couldn’t afford to take his dog to a traditional veterinary clinic. Neighborhood Pets Outreach/Resource Center was the best option for Lorenzo, as he had limited access to transportation and lives on a fixed income receiving only disability/social security.

After making an appointment at one of our low cost wellness clinics, sponsored by the Banfield Foundation, Bow Wow was examined by our veterinarian. He was vaccinated, and given a broad spectrum dewormer. These services totaled $15.00 total.

During Bow Wow’s exam, Lorenzo told us how much his dog means to him and how he literally saved his life.  Lorenzo is diabetic and has various other health issues that he manages. One day he fell and was unresponsive, Bow Wow was alerted and immediately ran over to the neighbor’s apartment unit and began barking non stop outside their door. The neighbor saw he needed help, and came to Lorenzo’s aid. Lorenzo also told us his father recently passed away, and he fell into a depression. He told us that if he didn’t know what he would have done if he didn’t have Bow Wow with him during that time, his best friend.

At Neighborhood Pets Outreach & Resource Center, we are committed to helping keep families together, happy and healthy. You can read more about the program here: www.neighborhoodpetscle.org. Your donation today can help us continue the important work we are doing to help families like Lorenzo and Bow Wow.

Donations can be made via Paypal on our website, or by sending a check
payable to “Friends of the Cleveland Kennel” to:  PO Box 770423, Lakewood OH 44107
*Please reference “12 Days of Christmas” on your donation.