Below are just a few of the happily ever afters that Friends of The Cleveland Kennel have made possible.

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Hank was dropped off at Cleveland Animal Control in very poor condition. The person who brought him in assumed he would just be euthanized. Thanks to the staff at the Cleveland Kennel, and our wonderful volunteers, we were able to swoop him up and take him in to our vet to assess his condition.

Hank was diagnosed with a rare condition called “Swimmer Puppy”, a more common condition to dog breeders. This was our first time seeing this condition. Hank was laid out flat like a pancake, unable to walk. He was about 7 weeks old. Many dogs with this condition don’t survive, but luckily for this sweet boy, the vet saw his individual prognosis as promising.

He went into foster care for several months, participating in a daily physical therapy regimen, and received lots and lots of TLC. Hank was later placed into an amazing forever home, and is now living out the life of a happy, normal young adult dog with his dog sister Olive!


Zoey came in to Cleveland Animal control as a stray. The staff noticed that she very quickly became a very sick little girl. Zoey ended up with severe pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized. After giving her the medical attention she needed, she was then moved into a foster home. Zoe was given the time to rehabilitate from pneumonia and was later spayed and vaccinated.

Over the last few months we have provided several training sessions for her and her foster dad. As luck would have it, Zoey’s foster dad fell in love and recently adopted her! Zoey’s days as a stray and struggling for her life are over. Thanks to Friends of the Cleveland Kennel, Zoey was given this chance at a new life filled with love. She is adored by her new dad and they couldn’t be happier together.

Mary Jane

Mary Jane arrived at Cleveland Animal Control about 2 years ago. She was about 10 years old, blind, arthritic, and underweight. She was obviously neglected, and later abandoned by her owners at Animal Control. The senior rescue group that we work with to transfer out dogs like Mary Jane was full.

With no other options for her, FOCK stepped in and took her into our care. We didnt know how much time she had left, and couldn’t let her last days be in fear at animal control. She has since lived 2 years now in her “forever foster home”. She has had the best of medical care, and is doted on and adored by Jen, her foster mom, Sadly, Mary Jane is coming to the end stage of her life. We are so grateful to have been able to give her this chance to know what unconditional love and comfort is in her lifetime.


Winnie arrived at Cleveland Animal Control last October.

Being a blind senior dog, our volunteers had her on our radar right away. Luckily, after a post on Facebook a wonderful family stepped up with interest in adopting her!

Our first step was taking her to our vet for a complete exam. It turns out that Winnie had less than acceptable bloodwork, a mammary mass that needs removed, and heartworm positive on top of it all. Luckily, Winnie had a loving committed home to give her all the TLC she needed, and our organization equally committed to giving her top notch medical care to get her back to health. Winnie recently completed her last round of heartworm treatment, her bloodwork is looking good, and the horizon is looking pretty wonderful for this sweet senior girl!

Penguin the Cat

Penguin was brought into Cleveland Animal Control after suffering an injury. A Friends of the Cleveland Kennel volunteer rushed her to our vet, where we found out she was suffering from a very high fever due to a bb gun shot wound to her leg. Penguin’s only option was to receive a rear leg amputation. She recovered in her foster home and was later adopted by her foster family. Penguin is now living out the rest of her life in a loving home in Rocky River Ohio with two rescue cat siblings.

Savannah Smiles

Savannah Smiles was found wandering the streets of Cleveland in early January of 2015. Luckily, she was picked up by Cleveland Animal Control, and taken to the City of Cleveland Animal Care and Control Facility on West 7th Street. She quickly stole the hearts of staff and volunteers.

When she was taken in to be spayed, the vet found she had a perineal hernia, which is a rare condition in female dogs. They also found a prolapsed GI tract. This condition is both very expensive and risky to repair, but potentially life-threatening. It was also discovered that Savannah suffered from luxating patellas in her back legs.

With the financial support of Friends of the Cleveland Kennel, Savannah received the necessary veterinary care; in addition to spay surgery and vaccines, the veterinary staff performed a series of surgeries to correct her medical conditions.

Savannah recovered from her cystopexy/colopexy surgeries like a champ, and then went on to receive surgery on both her back knees.

Her surgery and recovery was a long hard road. She is in foster care currently, and is doing wonderfully under the loving care of her foster family.

savannahxmasHer foster mom had the following to say at Christmastime, 2015;
“Savannah Smiles came into Cleveland Animal Control, just about a year ago.
I met her for the first time on Jan 15, 2015, when I did her temperament test. She melted my heart immediately with her soulful expression and broken little body. As the weeks went by, it was discovered that she was a sick little girl, in need of some major medical care. Option after option fell through until FOCK and my family decided to take a chance on her, and give her the ability to get healthy and find a home.

3 surgeries, tons of vet visits, lots of love and learning later, and here she is just before Christmas with me, her foster Mom, at Crocker Park.

We want to thank Becca, and Friends Of the Cleveland Kennel for giving her the gift of her first Christmas in a warm home, completely healthy, and spoiled rotten.”

The cost of Savannah’s surgeries and medical care totaled over $4,000.